Malus pumila P. Mill.



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Family:  Rosaceae

Native or Introduced to Illinois:  introduced

Leaf:  The ovate leaves are simple and alternate with a serrate margin.  The leaf venation is pinnate.

Flower:  The flowers are white tinged with pink and has yellow anthers. 

Fruit:  The fruit is a pome and is edible.  It can vary from an inch across in the wild to quite large in cultivated varieties.

Twig:   The twigs are smooth and light brown to gray in color.

Bark:  The bark is ash colored or silvery gray, and smooth.

Size/Form/Shape:  The species is a small tree that is commonly branched from the base.

County Distribution Map for Illinois:  


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Hardness Zones: Zones 4 - 8 (for the Red Jonathan Apple variety)
Apple trees can be expected to grow in the zones shown in color in the zone map.

The Black Walnut can be expected to grow in the temperature extremes of Hardiness Zones 4 - 9