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Map of Mt. Zion

Mt. Zion is located south-east of Decatur. From Decatur take Rt. 36 and
turn south onto Rt. 121 to reach Mt. Zion

Boundary Information

View Mt. Zion School District Boundaries in a larger map


Map of Mt. Zion Schools & Outdoor Athletic Facilities

  Mt. Zion Boundary Information  

To determine if an address is in the Mt. Zion School District (helps determine Tuition students) follow the instructions below:

1.              Call the Supervisor of Assessments office and ask for a Parcel ID#.

424-1364 (if address is out of Decatur township, most are)

428-3479 (if address is in Decatur township)

2.              Then, call the Macon County Treasurers office (424-1426) and give Parcel ID# and ask for the School district.

Note:  Moultrie County Supervisor of Assessment office (728-4951)


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